About Me

Adding to my flying skills, I've been an Ag Instructor at the largest Aerial Application school in the nation, if not the world, Ag-Flight, Inc., in Bainbridge, GA.  Teaching basic Satloc and light bar use, and giving dual instruction in a 600 H.P. Ag-Cat.  

Starting in 2002 through 2007, I provided Air Attack services to the U.S. Government with Call When Needed contracts with the OAS, BLM, and USFS.  Until I got into the ag business, flying fire was the greatest.  Living in Southern Utah at the time provided me with plenty of mountain flying experience, wilderness flying, and off airport landings.  During my rotations of Air Attack, I watched the 802 SEATS, that's what I want to do!!  I bought my Citabria and have gotten lots of tailwheel time.  Perhaps someday I'll get the opportunity to fly an 802 during a fire season.  I still have plenty of contacts within the fire industry. 

My Cessna 340, Type 1 Air Attack Platform, sold in 2008

Air Attack over a wild land fire in Southern Utah 2007

My Philosophy

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